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About Us

Kapton Tape Manufacturer

Adhtapes Ltd is the one-stop solution for Kapton tapes in Shenzhen China.
We specialize in offering the production, processing, slitting, and die-cutting of Kapton tapes(Polyimide tapes) and Kapton films. And provide a wide variety of Kapton tape rolls, Kapton films, and Kapton die-cuts to manufacturers, retailers, brand customers, and traders worldwide.
The main products are single-sided Kapton tape, Double-sided Kapton tape, ESD(Anti-static) Kapton tape, and Black Kapton tape.
Total thickness from 0.03mm to 0.2mm. The standard width and length are 500mmx33m. We can slit the custom width according to your requirements.

Our Services

Kapton Tape Coating

Kapton tape coating is the production process of using a coating machine to apply glue to the backing material.
The backing is polyimide film and the adhesive is silicone or acrylic. The standard width is 500mm.

Kapton Tape Rewinding

Kapton Tape rewinding is to use the rewinding machine to rewind the coated Kapton tape jumbo rolls into log rolls of standard length 33m or 66m. Let the Kapton tape rolls convenient packaging and transportation as well as cutting and die-cutting.

Kapton Tape Laminating

Kapton tape lamination is the process of laminating liner to the single-sided Kapton tape or double-sided Kapton tape. It can be die-cutting after laminating the liner.

Kapton Tape Slitting

Kapton tape slitting is to use a tape slitting machine to quickly strip the tape into a specified width and length. The width of the strip can be customized, as can the length, which can be thousands of meters.
The slitted tape can be used manually or on a tape packing machine

Kapton Tape Cutting

Kapton tape cutting uses a tape-cutting machine to cut a specified length of tape into a specified width. 
The standard roll length is 33m or 66m. The width can be 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, or other sizes.

Kapton Tape Die-cutting

Kapton tape die-cutting is to use a die-cutting machine to quickly, batch, and accurately cut the tape into the specified shape and size. In the die-cutting production process, first need according to the specific use design drawings, then opening the mold, and finally die-cutting machine production according to the pictures.

Why Choose Us

High Quality

Best raw material make best products.
100%Use of imported glue

Competitive Price

Get better price from manufacturer directly
to reduce your costs

Fully customised

Cutting any width
Die cutting any shape and size

Free Sample

Free sampling in 3-7 days

Fast Delivery

The standard log rolls in stock

24*7 Service

Professional foreign trade team services

We Provide Kapton tape jumbo rolls 500m length

We Provide Kapton tape log rolls 33m length

We Provide Kapton tape small rolls custom width

We Provide Kapton tape die-cuts custom shape and size

We Provide kapton tape for machine use 500m length with custom width

We Provide Kapton tape laminating other materials

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    NO.57 Houting Second Industry Area Shajing Baoan Shenzhen China 518104

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