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Black Kapton Film

  • Black Kapton film(Bright black) is a bright black film on both sides, which has good shading properties.
  • Black Kapton film(Matte black) is a black film with bright black on one side and matte black on another side.
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Black Kapton Film Data Sheet

Black Kapton Film (Bright black)Technical Data Sheet

ItemUnitKTB12KTB15KTB18KTB20KTB25KTB50KTB75KTB100Test Method
Thicknessum12±215±218±220±225±250±375±3100±3ASTM D374
Widthmm520520520520520 | 1040520 | 1040520 | 1040520 | 1040ASTM D374
Tensile Strength MDMpa≥90≥100≥110≥120≥120≥120≥120≥120ASTM D882
Tensile Strength TDMpa≥80≥90≥90≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100ASTM D882
Elongation MD%≥15≥20≥25≥30≥30≥40≥40≥40ASTM D882
Elongation TD%≥20≥25≥30≥35≥35≥45≥45≥45ASTM D882
Glossiness,60°Gu≥110≥110≥110≥110≥110≥110≥110≥110ASTM D523
Transmittance%≤5.00≤5.00≤5.00≤5.00≤0.00≤0.00≤0.00≤0.00GB/T 2410
Puncture ForeN≥2≥2≥5≥5≥8≥8≥8≥8GB/T 10004

Black Kapton Film (Matte black)Technical Data Sheet

ItemUnitKTM12KTM20KTM25KTM38KTM50KTM75Test Method
Thicknessum12±220±225±238±250±375±3ASTM D374
Widthmm520520520 | 1040520 | 1040520 | 1040520 | 1040ASTM D374
Tensile Strength MDMpa≥90≥120≥120≥120≥120≥120ASTM D882
Tensile Strength TDMpa≥80≥100≥100≥100≥100≥100ASTM D882
Elongation MD%≥15≥30≥30≥40≥40≥40ASTM D882
Elongation TD%≥20≥35≥35≥45≥45≥45ASTM D882
Glossiness,60°Gu≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30ASTM D523
Transmittance%≤5.00≤5.00≤0.00≤0.00≤0.00≤0.00GB/T 2410
Puncture ForeN≥2≥2≥8≥8≥8≥8GB/T 10004

Black Kapton Film Features

  • The film has excellent high and low-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, solvent resistance, and atomic radiation resistance, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -269~+260℃.
  • It is one of the most widely used high-temperature resistant films with the best performance in the world.
  • The material meets the requirements of environmentally friendly halogen indicators.
  • High-temperature resistant flame retardant labels, high-temperature resistant masking tape, low-temperature storage and harsh chemical environment (acid and alkali resistant), etc.

Black Kapton Film Applications

  • Black FPC cover film and reinforcement board for flexible printed circuit boards.
  • Lithium battery, power battery pole piece insulation material, power battery heating sheet, heat insulation sheet.
  • Coating jumbo rolls
  • Slitting or cutting to small rolls
  • Rewinding liner 
  • Cutting width required by the customers
  • Die-cutting to the drawings of the customers
  • Laminate other materials
  • Free samples based on freight collect

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