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Black Kapton Tape

Black Kapton Tape

S01-06B Kapton tape 0.06mm is made of 0.025mm black color polyimide film as the backing and coated with 0.035 silicone

  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 0.06mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Length: 33m /36yd
  • Cutting any width 
  • Die cutting any shape and any size 
  • Free samples
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Black Kapton Tape Data Sheet

S01-06B Kapton Tape Data Sheet 0.06mm
Model No.: S01-06B
BackingPolyimide film
AdhesiveSilicone glue
Backing Thickness 0.025mm | 1mil
Adhesive Thickness0.035mm | 1.4mil
Total Thickness0.06mm| 2.4mil
Standard length 33m | 36yd
Standard width 500mm
Core diameter 76mm | 3in
Adhesion to steel (N/25mm)≥ 6.5
Adhesion to steel(oz/in)≥ 23
Tensile Strength at Break: (N/25mm)≥ 115
Tensile Strength at Break :(Ib/in)≥ 25
Elongation at Break≥ 50%
Dielectric Strength≥ 6.5KV
Resist Temperature-73° to 260°C | -100° to 500°F

Black Kapton Tape Structure

Black Kapton Tape Structure
  1. Silicone Adhesive
  2. Black Polyimide Film

Black Kapton Tape Features

  • High and low-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, electrical insulation (class H), radiation resistance, etc.
  • It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residual glue, ROHS environmental protection, and halogen-free, etc.

Black Kapton Tape Applications

  • Suitable for electronic circuit board wave solder masking, protection of gold fingers and high-grade electrical insulation, motor insulation, as well as lithium battery positive and negative and ear fixing
  • In the electrical and electronic industry, it can be used for the insulation and wrapping of class H motors and transformer coils with high requirements, high-temperature resistant coil end wrapping and fixing, temperature measuring RTD protection, capacitor, and wire wrapping, and other bonding insulation under high-temperature working conditions.
  • In the circuit board manufacturing industry, it can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays, and other electronic components that need high temperature and moisture protection.
  • High-temperature surface reinforcement protection, metal material high-temperature spray paint, sandblasting coating masking surface protection, high-temperature spray paint baking, easy to peel off without leaving residual adhesive.
  • Coating jumbo rolls
  • Slitting or cutting to small rolls
  • Rewinding liner 
  • Cutting width required by the customers
  • Die-cutting to the drawings of the customers
  • Laminate other materials
  • Free samples based on freight collect

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