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How to purchase the good Kapton tape

Nowadays, With the increasing demand for high-temperature tape, many factories move into this field and provide different quality Kapton tape.

Do you want to know how to purchase good quality and avoid the poor? Today I will introduce you few ways to distinguish it.

Checking the material and testing with temperature.

For fake Kapton tape, the backing is PET Film, the highest temperature resist is 220 degrees. But for polyimide film, the highest temperature can be 280 degrees. After through the temperature of 260degree, if there is a residue/shrink problem, It’s fake.


If the smell is strong and with a sour odor, It’s probably a bad one. And the Viscosity and retention are not good.

Appearance –Checking the brightness of the tape

Generally speaking, if the same thickness, the darker one is the bad one, The fracture is very high and the strength is poor.

Checking the material and testing with temperature.

You can bake it with a lighter for 1 to 2 seconds and then touch it with your hands. If there is glue on hand, it’s the bad one.
Still, there is another bad phenomenon on the market you need to notice.
For example, using a thick core in order to look big, but the actual length is shorter than they said. Or using the unqualified glue, though with good initial viscosity but cannot last for a long time.

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