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Kapton tape used for PCB

Kapton tape used for PCB
The production of PCB board, often meets the professional term "Goldfinger", then what is called "Goldfinger"?
Goldfinger: In the case of a memory bar, it refers to the metal conductor part of the memory bar that contacts the memory slot.
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What is connecting finger?

The gold finger is made up of a number of gold-colored conductive contacts, so called because of its gold-plated surface and the finger-like arrangement of the conductive contacts.
The signals between the computer memory sticks and the memory slots, and between the graphics card and the graphics card slots are transmitted through the gold fingers.
The gold finger is actually a layer of gold plated on a copper-clad board, because gold is highly resistant to oxidation and can protect the internal circuitry from corrosion, and the conductivity is also very strong and does not cause signal loss, while gold has a very strong ductility under the appropriate pressure can make the contact area between the contacts larger, thus reducing the contact resistance to improve signal transmission efficiency.
Because the plating is only a few tens of microns thick, it is very susceptible to wear and tear and should therefore be avoided under non-essential conditions in order to prolong the life of the original device with gold fingers.
It is through the contact between the gold finger and the memory slot that all data and electronic flows of the memory processing unit are exchanged with the PC system.
kapton tape used for PCB
kapton tape used for PCB
kapton tape used for PCB
kapton tape used for PCB

 What is PCB 

PCB is the provider of electrical connections for electronic components.
The core control part of an electrical product, the ICs that control the appliance and other components are concentrated on the PCB.

What is Kapton tape 

Kapton tape is made of polyimide film coated with adhesive double-sided or single-sided.

Kapton tape used for PCB 

In the production of PCB circuit boards, why do we need to apply high-temperature tape to the gold finger?
The function is: when the circuit board is wave soldered, the tape is applied to the gold finger area to protect the board from contamination and oxidation.
Kapton tape used for PCBKapton tape used for PCB
PCB Before Stick Kapton Tape
PCB masking with Kapton tape

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