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Saint Gobain CHR K201

Saint Gobain CHR K201

Saint Gobain CHR K201 is manufactured from a special-grade polyimide backing material with a high-temperature silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. K201 offers high conformability and outstanding resistance to cut-through and is impact and abrasion-resistant.

  • Adhesive type: Silicone
  • Thickness: 0.064 mm
  • Colors: Orange
Data Sheet

Saint Gobain CHR K201 Data Sheet

Item Data
Backing MaterialFilm-Polyimide
Adhesive TypeSilicone
Total Thickness mm (mil)0.064 (2.5)
Backing Thickness mm (mil)0.025 (1.0)
Adhesive Thickness mm (mil)0.038 (1.5)
Adhesion to Steel N/cm (oz/in)2.2 (20)
Tensile Strength N/cm (lb/in)44 (25)
Elongation (% at break)80
Dielectric Strength (volts)10,000
Direct Electrolytic Corr.1
Operating Temperature °C (°F)-73 to +260
(-100 to +500)

Saint Gobain CHR K201 Features

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Offers high conformability
  • Outstanding resistance to cut-through
  • Impact and abrasion resistant

Saint Gobain CHR K201 Applications

  • Used for applications that require protection from high temperature and/or chemical resistance

  • Chosen for gold finger protection during wave solder

  • High-temperature masking during powder coating and tool-die-mold protection in composite molding

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