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Saint Gobain h-old 660

Saint Gobain h-old 660

Saint Gobain h-old 660 is a 50-micron polyimide film coated on one side with high-quality pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.
Designed for high-temperature electrical applications where outstanding electrical and mechanical properties are required.

  • Adhesive: Silicone
  • Thickness: 0.085mm
  • Color: Brown
Data Sheet

Saint Gobain h-old 660 Data Sheet

Item Data
Backing MaterialFilm-Polyimide
Adhesive TypeSilicone
Total Thickness mm (mil)0,085 mm
Backing Thickness mm (mil)0,05 mm
Peel Adhesion at 180° On Steel2.50 N/cm
Tensile Strength75.00 N/cm
Rolling Ball Tack< 10 cm
Elongation at Break35%
Breakdown Voltage10.00 kV
Thermal Class180 (H)
Short Time Temperature Resistance260 °C
Electrolitic CorrosionElectrolitic Corrosion 1
Shelf Life12 months
Standard Length33 m
Standard Width640 mm

Saint Gobain h-old 660 Features

  • Very high-temperature resistance
  • Flame retardant UL 510
  • Good chemical and solvent resistance

Saint Gobain h-old 660 Applications

  • Insulation of bobbins, transformers, motors, capacitors, wire harnesses
  • Printed circuit board assembly

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