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What is a polyimide film?

PolyimideFilm is the world's best-performing film insulation material, consisting of Pyromellitic dianhydride PMDA and Phenyl ether ODA condensed and cast into a film in a strong polar solvent iridized.
 The PI film is a high-performance polymer film die-cutting material developed in recent years, PI film is used in a large number of applications in computers, audio, electronic components, and other electrical and electronic industries

Polyimide Film Features

  • Excellent heat resistance. The decomposition temperature of polyimide is generally above 500℃, sometimes even higher. This is one of the varieties of organic polymers with good thermal stability, mainly because of the large number of aromatic rings in the molecular chain.
  • Excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of the reinforced base material is above 100 MPa, the tensile strength of the captain's film prepared by maleic anhydride is 170 MPa, the biphenyl polyimide (Upilexs) is 400 mph, and the elastic modulus of polyimide fiber is up to 500 MPa, second only to carbon fiber. has good chemical stability, moisture resistance, and heat resistance
  • Good chemical stability, moisture resistance, and heat resistance. Polyimide is generally insoluble in organic solvents and resistant to corrosion and hydrolysis. By changing the molecular design, different types of structures can be obtained. Some varieties can withstand 2 atmospheres of pressure and 120°C water after 500 hours of boiling.
  • Good resistance to radiation. After 5×109 rad radiation, the strength of polyimide film is maintained at 86%, and some polyimide fibers have 90% strength retention under 1×1010 rad fast electron irradiation.
  • Good dielectric properties. The dielectric constant is less than 3.5. when fluorine atoms are introduced into the molecular chain, the dielectric constant can be reduced to about 2.5, the dielectric loss is 10, the dielectric strength is 100-300 kV/mm, and the volume resistance is 1015-17Ωcm. therefore, the synthesis of fluorine-containing polyimide is a research hotspot.

Polyimide Film Applications

  • Insulation materials: insulation of electric motors, nuclear power equipment, high-temperature resistant wires, and cables, electromagnetic wires, high-temperature resistant wires, high-temperature resistant pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, insulation composites, etc
  • Semiconductor and microelectronics industry: passivation layer and buffer inner coating for microelectronic devices, interlayer dielectric material for multilayer metal interconnection circuits, an important substrate for photoelectric printed circuit boards
  • Electronic labeling field: printed circuit board host board, corrosion products, mobile phones, lithium batteries, and other products. Generally, use PI film of 25um or less.
  • Amorphous silicon solar cell field: transparent PI film can be used as a soft solar cell base plate. Ultra-thin PI film shells are applied with solar sails.
  • Flexible circuit board field: electronic grade PI film big application area, used in the electronic industry, information industry, and various defense industry FPC.

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