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What Is Kapton Tape Used For

Kapton tape is made of polyimide film coated with silicone adhesive.

It is main used in the SMT industry in the wave candle and reflow soldering to protect the gold finger, spray paint, baking paint leather processing, painting masking, and electronic parts process fixed, printed circuit boards and high-temperature processing masking, lithium battery manufacturing industry, surface mount process, transformer manufacturing, and other industries.

Electronic protection paste

Kapton tape is especially suitable for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection electronic transformers, and other electronic components that require high temperature and moisture protection.

Electronic circuit boards

Usually used for electronic circuit board wave solder masking, protection of gold fingers and high-grade electrical insulation, as well as motor insulation, and the fixing of positive and negative lithium battery lugs.

Insulation wrapping for electronic products

Kapton tape can be used for insulation wrapping in the coils of more demanding class H motors and transformers, wrapping and fixing of high-temperature resistant coil ends, temperature measuring RTD protection and other taping and insulating effects under high temperature working conditions.

Metal materials

Some precious metal materials require high-temperature painting, sandblasting is used to mask and protect the product, and high-temperature painting is easy to peel off after baking without residual glue.

What is kapton tape used for
What is kapton tape used for
What is kapton tape used for
What is kapton tape used for

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