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What is polyimide

Polyimide film also nemed PI Film.It is made of polyimide acid solution is cast into film and stretched, and then amidated at high temperature. The film is amber in color, with a relative density of 1.39 ~ 1.45. It has outstanding high-temperature resistance, radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation properties.

It can be used in the air at 250 ~ 280 ℃ for a long time. The tensile strength is 200MPa at 20 ℃ and greater than 100MPa at 200 ℃. It is especially suitable for flexible printed circuit board substrate and various high temperature resistant electrical insulation materials.

Polyimide Physical property

  • Thermosetting polyimide has excellent thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties.
  • The flexural strength of graphite or glass fiber-reinforced polyimide can reach 345mpa and the flexural modulus can reach 20GPa.
  • Thermosetting polyimide has little creep and high tensile strength.
  • Polyimide has a wide temperature range, from -73℃ to 400℃.

Polyimide Chemical property

  1. Polyimide is chemically stable.
  2. Polyimide can prevent combustion without adding flame retardant.
  3. General polyimides are resistant to chemical solvents such as hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, alcohols, and halothanes.
  4. They are also resistant to weak acids but are not recommended for use in strong alkali and inorganic acid environments.
  5. Some polyimides are solvent-soluble, which helps to develop their applications in spraying and low-temperature crosslinking.

Polyimide Applications

Polyimide Film: Polyimide film is one of the earliest commodities of polyimide. It is used as slot insulation and cable wrapping material for motors.
Transparent polyimide film can be used as a soft solar cell bottom plate. Polyimide fiber can be used to filter hot gas, and polyimide yarn can separate dust and special chemicals from waste gas.

Coating: used as insulating paint for electromagnetic wire or as a high-temperature resistant coating.

Advanced composite materials: used for aerospace, aircraft, and rocket components. It is one of the highest temperature-resistant structural materials.

Fiber: the elastic modulus is second only to carbon fiber. It is used as a filter material and bulletproof and fireproof fabric for high-temperature medium and radioactive substances.

Foam plastics: used for high temperature and heat insulation materials.

Engineering Plastics: there are thermosetting and thermoplastics. Thermoplastics can be molded, injection-molded, or transfer molding. It is mainly used for self-lubrication, sealing, insulation, and structural materials.

Separation membrane: used to separate various gas pairs, such as hydrogen/nitrogen, nitrogen/oxygen, carbon dioxide/nitrogen or methane, and remove water from the air, hydrocarbon feed gas, and alcohols. It can also be used as a pervaporation membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. Polyimide is of great significance in the separation of organic gases and liquids because of its heat resistance and organic solvent resistance

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